G9 directorate brings new face, focus to SDDC customers, suppliers


SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. – Beginning June 1, Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command’s Strategic Business Directorate, also known as G9, will bring a new focus and face to the command’s strategic and corporate customers and suppliers as it transitions to the Strategic Requirements Directorate.

Prior to the change, the Strategic Business Directorate was heavily involved in day-to-day operational aspects of the SDDC mission.  Under its new moniker and associated roles and responsibilities, those operational functions such as booking, documentation, special requirements, IT functional management (transportation systems), shipper compliance, and rail and container management are now realigned under the SDDC Operations Directorate, or G3.

According to SRD senior leaders, the divestiture of these roles paves the way for the directorate’s new strategic functional outlook.

“We are very excited about the opportunities before us as we take a more strategic view in overseeing the command’s contracts and collaborative relationships,” said Mel Holland, SRD director. “While we have always had a role in these areas, our charter encompasses leading the development and overseeing the lifecycles of more than 300 command contracts, while building tighter linkages to our corporate customers.  Our future efforts will gear more towards understanding customer processes and experiences, and meeting their expectations. In addition, we look forward to further enhancing our engagements with industry and to leverage best of the best commercial practices in an effort to achieve greater efficiencies in our business.”

“The directorate’s new organization is designed around four separate but synergistic divisions with the common goal of providing customers high quality services, which are key to our success,” added Tye Beasley, G9 deputy director and chief, Strategic Customer and Supplier Relationship Division. “Our organizational model aligns our divisions in a linear manner yet ensures constant communication loops are maintained to afford the synergies and efficiencies we need to be successful.  The Strategic Sourcing Division will gather customer requirements and facilitate multi-functional Integrated Process Teams to develop performance work statement language and associated acquisition products.  Additionally, this team will perform life-cycle management and oversight of the commands contracts.”

As the contracts are set in motion, the Strategic Quality Assurance Division will analyze supplier performance. This division will provide Contracting Officer Representatives the conditions to work in concert with U.S. Transportation Command’s Acquisition Directorate and Army Contracting Command contracting officers to ensure compliance with the command’s transportation contracts.

A major new role for G9 will reside in the Strategic Opportunities and Analysis Division.  This team will perform comparative analysis across industry service segments to identify new opportunities and best practices, conduct research on industry economic conditions and pricing strategies to gain competitive rates for customers.  In addition, this division will continually evaluate SDDC’s supply chain models and develop business intelligence to enable command influence and decision-making.  Additionally, the division will analyze successes and recommend modifications to existing or developing contract solutions.

Finally, the Strategic Customer and Supplier Relationship Management Division role is to directly engage SDDC customers and suppliers at the headquarters/corporate level to garner a deep understanding of their requirements.  The major focus of this team is to manage superior relationships to ensure world-class expectation management to fulfill customer expectations.  Each member of this team will work to know customer processes and reporting requirements to ensure our services are synchronized and therefore provide efficiencies through transparency and open communications.  The goal is to maintain loyal customers who will depend on SDDC as the supplier of choice for transportation services without fail.  Likewise, our engagement plan with our suppliers will ensure a professional and collaborative exchange of ideas, concerns, and issues in an effort to enable their planning and execution of their operations in the most cost-effective manner possible.

“We look forward to serving all of you in our new roles,” said Holland.  “We are a phone call or an e-mail away if you have any issues or questions for us.”